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Public Water Supply

in the U.S.

Safe and reliable water and wastewater facilities are among the most valuable physical assets in any city. Drinking water supply and treatment, water distribution networks, sanitary sewer systems, and wastewater treatment/water reclamation plants have helped public health and the environment tremendously, and are often listed among society’s greatest engineering achievements.

The following questions and answers provide an introduction to the public water supply industry in the U.S., and a discussion of key aspects of this important service.

Understanding Public Water Supply in the U.S.

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By Ned W. Paschke, PE, DEE
Department of Engineering Professional Development
University of Wisconsin-Madison



The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a nationally known series of professional short courses in water, wastewater, and stormwater engineering and management.  UW-Madison also offers degree programs in Civil Engineering and distance education programs, including the Master’s of Engineering in Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, and other disciplines.