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Get skills you can apply immediately on the job and stay relevant in your industry. Whether you have a few years of experience on the job, or you’re a senior engineer, you’ll learn how to drive change and identify areas for improvement in your organization.

Although these degrees are 100% online, you’ll feel like you’re on campus. Connect with your peers and instructors through weekly web conferences and discussion boards where you’ll study the latest advances in your field.


“The only other way to learn what you learn in this class is to have a 30 to 40 year career in the engine industry and learn all these lessons the hard way.”

Aaron Foege, Engine Systems graduate and patent recipient


“Quite a bit of the stuff we’ve learned has been directly applicable to my job. It’s a not a thing of going through it and applying it after school. The stuff we learn is coming up in our everyday work. Certain courses for me like combustion and thermodynamics (because I work in emissions) have been applicable on a day to day basis.”

Justin Keiffer, Engine Systems graduate  


“Just when you think you know everything and it’s supposed to be all common sense and ‘of course a leader knows what to do and so on and so forth,’ when you get into these classes they manage to show you new things that you never knew before.”

Tony Milczarek, Engineering Management graduate


“Halfway through [the program] I got a new job, and the fact that I had that year of experience in the program already helped me get a managerial type position.”

Lindsay Feldt, Engineering Management graduate 

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