Work Zones

Road construction and work zones can be hazardous not only for drivers, but for workers on the job site. By ensuring any disruptions for traffic flow are reduced, you can minimize liabilities and prevent accidents. Learn how to meet Wisconsin requirements for work zone traffic control, improving the safety of your workers and all road users. Specific topics include flagging, mobile work zones, work zone design and planning, work zone standards and regulations.

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Highway Work Zone Safety: (3 of 9) Grading Safety

Video shows typical safety problems on a highway grading project. Includes personal, equipment, utility and operational safety issues. Details on earth moving, trenching, hauling and construction traffic are covered. Good video for new construction equipment operators and a refresher on construction site safety. See: Safety - Work Zone for videos 1-2

Highway Work Zone Safety: (4 of 9) Structures Safety

Typical hazards around construction of bridges, and culverts. Shows problems with utilities, falling workers, falling objects and cranes. Good for new construction workers and also a refresher. See: Safety - Work Zone for videos 1-2

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