Supervision and Management

Improve your supervisory management skills, whether you’re dealing with an emergency or working with personnel. Also, learn about the environmental impacts on your roadways, utilities and permits, risk and liability, road planning and design. You’ll also learn effective techniques for capital planning and budgeting.

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Asphalt Overlay: The Four P's

The video focuses on explaining the philosophy, purpose and benefits of placing an asphalt overlay. It describes the planning, preparation, production and placement. Excellent overview for officials or general public.

Forest Roads and the Environment Series

This six-part program provides information on rural gravel and dirt road maintenance. The settings are in federal forests, but the basic information is helpful for all rural low-volume roads. Each segment is also available individually ? five in VHS and one in DVD format (see item # following each segment title below). Part 1 ?Forest Roads and the Environment? (#18554) covers the general environmental impact of a road on the surrounding environment ? 18 minutes. Part 2 ?Reading the Traveled Way? (#18560) shows how to understand defects in the traveled way ? 16 minutes. Part 3 ?Reading Beyond the Traveled Way? (#18559) describes problems off the traveled way including erosion and slides ? 17 minutes. Part 4 ?Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way? (#18561) covers road grading techniques ? 18 minutes. Part 5 ?Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross Drains? (#18556) shows ditch and culvert maintenance ? 16 minutes. Part 6 ?Dangerous Travelers? (#18818) discusses problems and maintenance of roadside plants ? 26 minutes.

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