Road Safety

Keeping Wisconsin’s roadways safe for drivers and highway workers is a top priority. Learn about guardrail and safety hardware, low-cost safety improvements, risk and liability, traffic enforcement, worker safety, work zones, and speed limits. Courses in highway safety will teach you how to use proven safety countermeasures to prevent crashes and how to assess your community’s crash data.

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Working Safely in Cold Weather

Good practical information on working in cold weather includes causes of cold stress and its health effects, first aid for hypothermia and frost bite, plus tips on how to protect against cold weather health problems.

Highway Work Zone Safety: (9 of 9) Surveying Safety

This video describes typical hazards faced by surveyors. Includes information on personal equipment, being alert, traffic control, natural hazards and hand tools. Good for new employees. See: Safety - Work Zone for videos 1-2

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