Local officials and highway maintenance staff may call (toll-free) the Transportation Information Center (TIC) directors and staff with technical questions or to ask for materials, referrals and workshop information.

The TIC sponsors or assists with over 70 workshops a year. Speakers are government and industry experts, engineering consultants, contractors, highway and enforcement agency representatives.

People who manage local road systems often turn to their peers for advice and information. To help them meet each other, the TIC holds workshops in many different locations around the state.

Over 3000 people attend these workshops each year or hear technical presentations sponsored by the TIC at their state association meetings.

For more detailed or technical training, local officials can also attend engineering short courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They are eligible for fee-reduction scholarships.

The Wisconsin Transportation Information Center follows the successful model of the Cooperative Extension Service. The Center is a project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development.

Funding, and educational and technical assistance are provided by the Federal Highway Administration, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

A committee of local elected officials and local highway managers advises the Center on training and publication needs.

The Wisconsin TIC is one of 57 state and tribal technology transfer centers.

Ben Jordan photo

Ben Jordan
TIC Director and EPD Program Director


Andi Bill
TIC Staff and EPD Program Director

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Steve Pudloski
TIC Staff and EPD Program Director