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Every year Wisconsin municipalities spend one billion dollars to repair and replace roads and bridges. There are nearly 100,000 miles of local roads in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Transportation Information Center was created in 1983 to help local highway officials manage their road systems and this huge road budget.

The Transportation Information Center offers training, publishes a newsletter (Crossroads) and technical bulletins, supports a pavement management system (WISLR) for local roads, and gives advice. It collects videos and printed materials which it loans or sends to local officials.

We offer various workshops throughout the state, in addition to two certificate programs, the Public Works Supervisory Academy (PWSA) and the Public Works Management Institute (PWMI).

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We offer scheduled workshops as well as those we can offer at your site in many subject areas including:

  • Basic Surveying
  • Culverts
  • Highway Safety
  • Road Maintenance
  • Pavement Management (using WISLR)
  • PASER (for road condition rating)
  • Winter Road Maintenance
  • Work Zone Traffic Control


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Crossroads Articles

Supervisory Academy Featured by APWA

Steve Pudloski, program director for the UW-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development and the Transportation Information Center, was recently featured in a Wisconsin American Public Works Association (APWA) article. To read the article on page 7, click here. The article recognizes individuals who recently graduated from EPD’s Public Works Management Institute certificate program, which is offered…

Be Responsible for Good Communications

2013 - Fall

Public agencies are responsible for providing services and protecting public safety, and sharing information with the public is a fundamental part of that responsibility. Good communication is an important part of the job for people who manage local road and street operations. Communicating clearly and regularly with the public about policies or events helps set…

Study Shows Farm Equipment Rough on Roads

2012 - Winter

A study was launched in 2008 to shed light on the impact of farm equipment on roads, and study results appearing in the 2011 research report, Effects of Implements of Husbandry on Pavement Performance, demonstrated that the farm equipment tested causes more damage than a semi-truck. The report identifies actions to minimize pavement damage, and…

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