Success Stories

The Process Can Make It Perfect: NeoClone and EPD


With great processes comes great confidence.

UW-Madison Engineering Professional Development recently partnered with NeoClone, a Madison, Wisconsin-based company that produces monoclonal antibodies. Prior to working with UW, Neoclone was already a successful organization, but when it came to processes, there was room for some improvement.

With the help of UW and Frank Rath, a program director for EPD who has more than 20 years of experience helping manufacturing companies, NeoClone was able to make their work more process-oriented, and improve their organizational structure.

The result?

“We can better manage more projects at the same time,” said Deven McGlenn, NeoClone CEO. “We can also complete the same number of projects with fewer resources.”

How UW Engineering Gave NeoClone a Fresh Start

Specifically, Rath’s team identified NeoClone’s problem areas, created flow charts, and performed an order fulfillment analysis, which follows orders through the company from initiation to completion. This provided insight into how NeoClone could save time—and ultimately, money—when working with clients to move their scientific discoveries to actual work orders.

“Thanks to the new process we have in place, what once took a few years, now takes just six months,” McGlenn said.

And, NeoClone can now determine not only their work flow, but in some cases, how many new opportunities are likely to arise in a specified time period.

“Our process works not only when we land clients, but helps to identify them in the first place,” he added.

While NeoClone always had what McGlenn calls “the process mentality,” UW was able to accelerate it. McGlenn is grateful for the work UW did with his team—funded largely through a UW-Extension grant—and said his team appreciated the renewed perspective Rath and his group offered.

“We wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without UW,” McGlenn said. “We really did enjoy the effort. It was a great way for my team to get a new outlook on the world without me telling them.”

Happier Clients and a Testament to Success

Recently, NeoClone sold its reagent business. The sale was a true testament to the effectiveness of NeoClone’s processes. One of the main reasons the seller was so attracted to NeoClone is because their processes are repeatable.

“It means a lot when a third party can come in and execute our processes flawlessly,” McGlenn said.

A lot has changed since UW worked with McGlenn and his team. Most importantly, clients are happier now that they’re included in the processes more.

“We can take on new approaches with more confidence,” he said. “And the confidence comes with the new process.”