Student Stories

Thomas Simmons

Online Degree: Engineering Management

Graduating Year: 2017

Thomas Simmons, UW alum, and his wife stand in a field.

Thomas Simmons got a degree in Engineering Management to compliment his leadership experience in the U.S. Army.

“A big part of it for me was getting a piece of paper that proves that I know what I’m talking about,” Simmons said. “Now I have something that they’ll believe. I have these skills and I can prove it, I have a master’s from these skills.”

He saw a direct influence on his career after completing his degree as he was promoted to a higher role as a facility manager at his employer because of his new skills acquired through the program.

“I feel like the degree definitely had an impact on [my job]. It definitely helped me refine some of my skill sets I am using every day,” Simmons said.

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