Student Stories

Alanna Thiede

Online Degree: Foundations of Professional Development

Graduating Year: Future

Alanna Thiede saw an immediate impact after taking courses to complete the online Foundations of Professional Development capstone certificate from UW-Madison.

“My experiences in the leadership foundations courses have had an immediate and meaningful impact in my daily work as a manager,” Thiede said. “The tools and techniques I’ve learned have given me more direction and focus as a leader in my workplace.”

Thiede, who began the program in 2016, learned that taking online courses to advance her career doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice the interactive classroom experience. “One unexpected benefit has been learning from experiences other classmates have shared and the ability of professors to help students not only understand the material but also resolve real life issues.”

Thiede is the managing editor at Lee Enterprises Design Center, a leading source of local news, information, and advertising in 50 markets. Learn more about the online graduate certificate that’s like an alternative to a mini-MBA here.