Success Stories

Geoffrey Goll

Graduating Year: 2013
Goeffrey Goll

Goeffrey Goll, a founding partner of Princeton Hydro, credits his leadership and decision-making skills to UW-Madison’s Master of Engineering: Engineering Management program.

“The program provided me with insight into management and leadership theory that I simply did not learn as an undergraduate,” Goll said.  “The program left me with an understanding of current trends in management and quality control, the tools to make educated business and project management decisions, and the foundation for being a better leader.”  

Goll has pioneered dam removals for the purpose of fish passage, has led dredging design projects, and worked on sentiment quantification in lakes and rivers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Princeton Hydro is an engineering firm with the specific mission of providing integrated ecological and engineering consulting services. Goll is the vice president and principal engineer for Princeton Hydro, which has produced award-winning cost-effective resource management solutions for complex environmental problems since 1998.  He received his master’s in 2013.