Success Stories

Alan Thomason

Alan Thomason has worked at Ilmor Engineering, Inc., as chief engineer and then technical director. Thomason works with open wheeled auto racing and high performance offshore boats. He applied for the MEES degree after his co-worker recommended it for being a program that applied directly to his work. After completing the program, Thomason appreciated the practicality of the courses and the annual face-to-face meetings with his cohort.

Thomason also indicated that the MEES program was completely different from his previous education experience with huge class sizes. “With the web forums I had much more contact and interaction with students and instructors than in my bachelors program,” he said. “The cohort sizes are a good size – not so big that you feel anonymous, but enough that you see a broad range of perspective.”

Thomason valued the forums that allowed him to learn from the experience of other engineers. “Hearing from the other students from a variety of backgrounds gives insight into how other industries approach the same problems,” he said. The library resource was another asset, according to Thomason. “The staff proves that Google searches pale in comparison to a skilled researcher.”

“Some of the lessons can be literally life changing,” Thomason said. He anticipates job opportunities presenting themselves after completing the MEES program. “There is a tendency in technical fields not to network due to natural personality traits and fear of releasing critical information,” he said. “The MEES program puts you in contact with a broad range of engineers from engine programs and other industries in a relaxed environment.”