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Make Your Systems More Efficient, Safer, and More Productive; Improve Your Industrial Mixing Processes or Laser Welding Skills

From HVAC to industrial mixing to laser welding, UW-Madison has it all. Take an HVAC or ammonia refrigeration course from UW-Madison and learn the fundamentals and make systems more efficient, safer, more productive. Or, learn how to improve your industrial mixing processes and streamline your crystallization operations. Take a laser welding course from UW-Madison or work toward a laser welding certificate to increase your welding skills. Keep product safety as a priority by learning how to design hazards out of your products, and provide adequate warnings and instructions for your users.

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Program Directors

Elaine Andrysick
Program Director


photo of Doug Reindl

Douglas Reindl, PhD


John Davis, PE
Faculty Assoc / Program Director


Get Your Guidebook: Mechanical Integrity in Ammonia Refrigeration!

Douglas Reindl, EPD program director, has released a new guidebook about mechanical integrity in ammonia refrigeration systems. Reindl and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC) prepared the “Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity Guidebook for Industrial Refrigeration Systems” to serve as a comprehensive resource for those involved in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining closed-circuit industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Get your copy today!