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Whether you work in the industries of general manufacturing, food processing, or in the design and development of engine systems, UW-Madison has a wide range of advanced products and processes courses with depth and breadth to fulfill your needs. Not only will you learn how to better manage your output, you’ll learn strategies to avoid hazards and liabilities, keeping your technical professionals and your customers safe.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Reduce costs, inventory, order fulfillment time, and much more. Take a course from UW-Madison and ensure your organization is maximizing its output by using mapping methodologies, including value-stream and metrics-based. Choose from courses in effective preventive/predictive maintenance, lean maintenance operations, or work toward a Maintenance Management Certificate. These courses can help you—and your organization—work more efficiently.

Advanced Processes

From HVAC to industrial mixing to laser welding, UW-Madison has it all. Take an HVAC or ammonia refrigeration course from UW-Madison and learn the fundamentals and make systems more efficient, safer, more productive. Or, learn how to improve your industrial mixing processes and streamline your crystallization operations. Take a laser welding course from UW-Madison or work toward a laser welding certificate to increase your welding skills. Keep product safety as a priority by learning how to design hazards out of your products, and provide adequate warnings and instructions for your users.

Advanced Products

Learn about the design and simulation that goes into the development of highly engineered products, specifically, internal combustion engines. With training from UW-Madison, you will learn how to more quickly and efficiently optimize engine performance to meet the needs of the customer and application.

Operations & Maintenance Management

At the heart of every successful business is a solid operations plan and a maintenance management plan. Take a course from UW-Madison and identify the "holes" in your own operations with immediately applicable solutions. Learn how to implement an effective, yet practical, maintenance management program and prepare to face potential challenges with ease.

Process Management

Engineers and technical professionals are working harder than ever to develop solid processes to get the job done better, faster. Sharpen your process management skills and help your company achieve maximum efficiency by better managing your workflow and identifying areas for improvement. Expand your knowledge of Six Sigma, receive Lean training, and understand how to implement value stream mapping and other methodologies with process management courses from UW-Madison.

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