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Deliver On Time, Within Budget.

Engineers and technical professionals are now tasked to do much more with much less. It's not enough to finish your project by deadline--now, you're expected to do so with money and resources left over. Get the help you need to better manage your team and your workflow with project management courses, focusing on advancing your technical skills to close the gap between project start and project finish.

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John Raksany
Program Director


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Shalini Bhat
EPD Program Director


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Susan Ottmann, MS
Business Director


From Fighter Jets to Management: Meet Tony Milczarek

Tony Milczarek grew up loving fighter jets. His passion led him to a career in aerospace engineering--and leadership. As Milczarek’s career progresses, he looks for ways to add new leadership skills to his toolbox. In 2010, he graduated from UW-Madison with a Master’s in Engineering Management and is working toward the Technical Leadership Certificate.

Read Tony's story here.