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Rapid changes in technology along with employee retirements and external economic pressures are driving a need for more technical leaders. But you'll have to be more than just tech-savvy to succeed in these roles--you'll also have to be people-savvy. Get ready to tackle a leading role in your organization or improve the way you’re approaching your current management role with a course from UW-Madison. Learn how to manage projects and technical teams, adopt new standards of asset management, communicate with your key stakeholders, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your organization. Choose from short courses, the Technical Leadership Certificate, or our online degree programs to strengthen your skills. View All Leadership & Management Courses

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Satisfy Your Ethics Requirements With EPD!

Organizational and Psychological Pressures Affecting Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering is the latest offering in our series of online ethics training. Designed to help engineers deal with ethical dilemmas often caused by non-engineering pressures, this two-hour online course satisfies Wisconsin’s requirement for ethics training for PE licensure, as well many other states’ requirements. Learn from real-world case studies.

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