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From Technical Professional to Manager: Learn How to Lead

Rapid changes in technology along with employee retirements and external economic pressures are driving a need for more technical leaders. This is a great time to position yourself for a leadership role within your current organization! Take a course from UW-Madison and sharpen your project management, communication, and team-building skills. Choose from short courses, certificates, or online degree programs to prep you for a manager job! You'll have the confidence and education to tackle a larger role, and become the leader your teammates want to emulate!

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Asset Management

You are likely aware that Asset Management is an increasingly popular approach to developing value within an organization. And you may be wondering if it’s just another management fad or a rebranding of old maintenance concepts. Those are good questions and the answer is neither! Asset Management is a real and intensely valuable concept and now is the time to take action. The courses described in this segment will show you how to implement asset management in your organization. These courses draw on decades of experience around the world, and place that experience in the context of new tools, techniques and international standards. They all feature case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Asset Management and the requirements for a successful program.

Disaster Management

Is your organization prepared to handle a disaster or crisis? Prepare yourself for the unexpected with emergency response training. Offered in partnership with UW-Madison’s Disaster Management Center, this disaster management program offers self-study courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences to prepare engineers for disaster and recovery efforts.

Project Management

Engineers and technical professionals are now tasked to do much more with much less. It's not enough to finish your project by deadline--now, you're expected to do so with money and resources left over. Get the help you need to better manage your team and your workflow with project management courses, focusing on advancing your technical skills to close the gap between project start and project finish.

Technical Communications

Technical professionals must not only master the hard skills--they also need to have strong soft skills. Whether you're communicating technical information to colleagues, senior management, or outside organizations, it's imperative that you know how to properly craft and deliver a message that won't leave your audience confused. Learn ways to effectively manage your written, oral, and visual communications, whether you're writing a quick email or giving a formal presentation.

Technical Leadership

Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position--or are you working toward it? Master the transition from technical expert to manager, and polish your communication skills in the ‘language of business’ through engineering management courses from UW-Madison. You will also learn how to successfully manage your team while taking the lead in your technical projects, ensuring you can complete them on-time, in budget, and with confidence. Consider a course from UW-Madison today.

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