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Learn Practical Tips to Manage Your Community Infrastructure

The infrastructure systems that are the backbone of our communities also comprise a community's largest dollar investment. To serve the needs of a community, these investments need to be protected by properly managing infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance. UW-Madison’s courses are designed for public works managers, engineers, planners and financial professionals with an understanding of the engineering principles for water supply, wastewater treatment, streets and pavements, sewers and stormwater systems that is the basis for the effective management of these physical assets. Enroll now.

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Benjamin Jordan, PE
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Ned Paschke, PE, DEE, F.ASCE, BCEE


Satisfy Your Ethics Requirements With EPD!

Organizational and Psychological Pressures Affecting Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering is the latest offering in our series of online ethics training. Designed to help engineers deal with ethical dilemmas often caused by non-engineering pressures, this two-hour online course satisfies Wisconsin’s requirement for ethics training for PE licensure, as well many other states’ requirements. Learn from real-world case studies.

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