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Increase Energy Efficiency and Learn the Latest Innovations

Making the most efficient use of our resources and finding new ones: That’s the challenge facing today’s energy innovators. Given this challenge, learn how you can maximize the output of your organization or community’s energy systems and keep up with the industry’s fast-changing codes and ethical standards with an energy course from UW-Madison.

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Alternative Energy

Tremendous changes are occurring in the alternative energy field–particularly in solar, or “green,” energy. In the last few years, for example, photovoltaic installations have grown exponentially, paving the way for solar electricity. Additionally, energy costs have dropped, opening opportunities for new growth. Given these new opportunities, it's imperative for technical professionals and engineers to be knowledgeable about the latest advances. Learn the basics of photovoltaic energy and understand the important role of solar power engineering with an alternative energy course from UW-Madison.

Energy Optimization

Major blackouts in the last decade indicate that the nation’s power system is not free from failure. Are you prepared for a power interruption in your facility or community? Don't be left in the dark when problems occur. Take an energy optimization continuing education course from UW-Madison and make sure your energy systems are running securely and efficiently. In these energy courses, you will learn how to conduct a successful energy audit, prepare for a power interruption, and understand the economics of the power market.


Learn the skills you need to design effective power transmission lines, apply wide area measurement, receive smart grid training, and ensure your compliance with the National Electric Code. You can also learn how to avoid power interruptions and failures due to permitting issues, maintenance problems, and weather events. More education means more skills--take a course from UW-Madison and increase your confidence and value today.

Power Electronics & Drives

In the last 30 years, the introduction of power electronic drives with motors has led to new design opportunities, and the increased integration of drives and machines has created a quantum leap in productivity, efficiency, and system performance. With such advances, it’s important for power professionals to expand their knowledge of these fast-changing devices. Learn about electric machines, devices, power electronics, motors, and national electric codes with a course from UW-Madison.

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