Railroad Engineering

Update Your Railroad Engineering Skills

Whether you’re working in railroad construction project management or want to improve the efficiency of your railway operations, UW-Madison has a course that can refresh your skills and keep you on top of the latest innovations and best practices.

Railroad engineering courses from the UW–Madison Engineering Professional Development cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Track structure, subgrade and drainage, ballast, ties, and rails
  • Railway location and operation
  • Railroad construction project management
  • Track systems engineering and design
  • Track maintenance
  • Highway-rail grade crossing
  • Rail transit—light rail, rapid transit, and commuter rail
  • Railroad bridges
  • Yards, terminals, and intermodal facilities

UW-Madison offers courses in these topics each year, in locations throughout the United States, and on-site as requested.

Peterson: More investment in rail = more jobs
U.S. rail received a B on the ASCE's 2017 Infrastructure Report card.

Learn about the future of railroad investment and what it means for today’s workers from Dave Peterson, program director for EPD’s rail courses.


An infographic about railroads in the U.S.

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