How to Apply – Power

Please read these steps carefully before submitting your application online:

Apply1. Complete the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School online application.
In the application be sure to:

  • Upload a PDF version of your current resume/CV
  • Upload a PDF version of your “Reasons for Graduate Study” essay
  • Upload a PDF version of your transcripts
  • Enter contact information for at least three professional recommendations, including at least one from a direct supervisor
  • Important: Complete the application by submitting the application fee. For consideration of an application fee waiver please email

Begin the application process.
The “Apply” button at the top of this page will bring you to the University of Wisconsin’s online graduate school admissions page.

Next Steps:

2. Complete a phone interview: After all of your application materials have been received, the admissions committee chair will schedule a phone interview with you. Once completed, your application will be presented to the Admissions Committee for evaluation at the next scheduled meeting.

3. Application Evaluation: Admission decisions are made on applications in the order received. The Admissions committee will make one of the following decisions:

  • Recommend admission to the UW–Madison Graduate School
  • Request additional information before evaluating further
  • Decline further consideration of your application

After a decision has been made on your application, you will be contacted and informed.
The admissions committee provides admission recommendations to the Graduate School. The Graduate School is the formal admitting office for graduate students and retains ultimate authority on all admissions decisions.
4. Request Transcripts: If accepted into the program, arrange to have one copy of your undergraduate final official transcripts sent directly from your previous educational institution to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. International applicant’s academic records must include an official English translation done by the bachelor’s degree granting institution OR an official translator. See graduate school requirements for country-specific information.
If your transcript does not have a degree and conferral date posted, the graduate school will need a final official transcript before you begin your studies.
Directions to send official transcripts to the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School:

  1. Order your transcript through your institution.
  2. We prefer electronic transcripts if your institution offers that option.
  3. If not, please send paper copies to the address below. Please do not send both a paper and electronic copy of the same transcript.

The Graduate School Admissions Office University of Wisconsin–Madison 232 Bascom Hall 500 Lincoln Drive Madison, WI 53706
(University of Wisconsin–Madison students do not need to send official transcripts.)