Smith In Finance Monthly

Finance Monthly featuring tom smithEPD’s Tom Smith has been featured in an issue of Finance Monthly. To read the article, click here.

Smith’s research and teaching focus is on engineering leadership and physical asset management. In the article, Smith answers a number of questions about asset management–specifically, its challenges, key technical standards and legislation, and issues affecting asset management practices in the U.S.

“When the topic of asset management comes up, many people immediately think of infrastructure and the expensive issue of long-term repair and replacement of these large scale fixed assets,” Smith told Finance Monthly. “This is a problem for our society, and it must be addressed. We also need to realize that every organization has assets that need to be effectively managed, and that age, rapid changes in technology, markets and the environment will make many-–if not most—obsolete. The ISO Standard 55000 for Asset Management recognizes this and requires consideration of the ‘organizational context,’ in developing asset management plans.”

EPD offers a variety of courses on asset management, including a course on the ISO standard. For more information about EPD’s asset management education, visit the Technical Leadership Certificate page.