New Ammonia Guidebook

mechanical integrity in ammonia refrigeration systemsMechanical Integrity in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Douglas Reindl, EPD program director, has released a new guidebook about mechanical integrity in ammonia refrigeration systems. Reindl and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC) prepared the “Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity Guidebook for Industrial Refrigeration Systems” to serve as a comprehensive resource for those involved in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining closed-circuit industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Owners and operators of closed-circuit industrial ammonia refrigeration systems have found it challenging to develop and implement effective mechanical integrity programs for their refrigerated facilities. This is due, in part, to the expansive nature of mechanical integrity itself but also the lack of information and guidance specifically tailored to industrial refrigeration systems and technologies. This guidebook seeks to close the knowledge gap and provide practical information that can be applied on the job immediately.

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