INFOGRAPHIC: Water In The 21st Century

Learn about water reclamation in the 21st century with this infographic from UW-Madison.

Water reclamation is an essential industry that benefits public health and the environment.

There are around 16,000 individual facilities in the U.S. that bring in about $100 billion each year. Industry facets include planning, engineering, operation, technology, management, finance and regulation. With so much money devoted to this industry, there is no better time to earn a recognized credential to help you succeed in this expanding industry.

Last month, UW-Madison launched the Certificate in Water Reclamation, which is geared toward professionals of any experience level who work in this industry, either by experience or education.

With a certificate in water reclamation, you can:

  1. Learn to evaluate and improve your processes and technologies.

    This includes:

    • Screening, settling and filtration systems
    • Biological treatment systems
    • Disinfection systems
    • Biosolids processing systems
    • Resource recovery systems: water, nutrient, energy
    • Advanced treatment systems
    • Pumping systems
    • Collection systems.
  2. Contribute to the overall success of the industry by learning about regulations, engineering, technology, operations and maintenance, and business practices.

  3. Prepare for the future.

    America’s infrastructure and water workforce are aging, and water issues are becoming increasingly visible. We hear about water shortages more than ever, so there is no better time to develop uses and alternative supplies.

    With this certificate, you’ll better understand resource recovery, water quality, why water is increasing in costs, and wet weather flow management. You’ll also learn how automation and technology will help the industry.

For more information about water reclamation, or how to get your certificate from UW-Madison, click here. 

Certificate - Water Reclamation

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