How Are Millennials Changing The Workplace?

Whether you’re a Millennial yourself, or you work with some, it’s time to recognize how Millennials are changing the workplace.

Though Millennials work differently than the generations before them, Millennials offer companies new opportunity, if they’re willing to make some changes.

Millennials are expected to make up the majority of the workplace by 2020, meaning that many of these Millennials will be in leadership and decision-making roles. And despite the negative reputation many of these workers have received, most Millennials value professional development and are seeking increased career opportunities.

group of young engineers

So how can you capitalize on their skills?

Considering the huge impact Millennials are having at work, it’s time to brush up on some Millennial traits.


  • Value flexibility
  • Want opportunities to grow professionally
  • Prefer text over email
  • Consume more media than any other generation.

They are also dedicated to civic engagement. Millennials want to know where their products are made, and whether the companies they’re buying from are socially responsible. The No. 1 cause-related program Millennial employees want to see more of from their companies is volunteering.

how are millennials changing the workplace? infographic
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Check out the infographic at the right for some more insight on what these young workers have to provide.



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