Rath Works To Prevent Radiotherapy Accidents

Frank Rath, program director, is working to keep radiation patients safe when they come in for cancer treatments.

Rath was noted in a recent article appearing on about the Center for the Assessment of Radiological Sciences, which aims to help prevent accidents in radiation therapy.

He collaborated with the center’s founding director, Bruce Thomadsen, who is also a medical physics professor at UW-Madison, and Rock Mackie, a medical physics professor emeritus. Rath, who calls himself the “risk-assessment guy on campus,” improves process safety and quality by using industrial tools.

The center works with clients–hospitals and clinics–to track and eliminate errors in radiation therapy. “If an issue is reported related to the size or placement of a radiation dose or other aspect of a treatment, we work with the client, going through all the data we have collected about the event,” Thomadsen said in the article.

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Photo credit: Jeff Miller/ University of Wisconsin-Madison