Marina Policy Guidelines Manual

Take Your Marina to the Next Level

The new Marina Policy Guidelines Manual offers marina owners and managers a guide to implementing policies that will professionalize the management of your marina. Get yours today!

Written by Carl Wolf of Marina Management Services, Inc. and published by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Manual provides policies covering administration, marina operations, marketing, financial controls, and maintenance, as well as safety, security and environmental issues. Access to online training sessions for each of these topics is included.

Expertise at a Competitive Price

With the help of this Manual, marina managers will set guidelines and implement policies to:

  • Maintain consistency of operations and procedures,
  • Provide effective employee orientation,
  • Improve facility maintenance,
  • Increase customer satisfaction and,
  • Reduce insurance costs.

A special introductory offer of $295 includes:

  • The Marina Policy Guidelines Manual (as a PDF file)
  • Access to six online training sessions
  • A subscription for updates and additional digital content through January 1, 2019

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