Internal Combustion Engines

Improve Engine Performance

Optimize internal combustion engine performance to meet the needs of the customer and the application with engineering professional courses at UW-Madison.

The Department of Engineering Professional Development (EPD) in partnership with the Engine Research Center offers courses that will teach you the latest advances in internal combustion engine design, research, performance and efficiency.

The Engine Research Center (ERC) is the largest of its kind devoted to internal combustion engine research in the US.

Each course is designed with the demands of the industry and workplace in mind, so the education you receive will have a practical, direct application.

Classes are offered at UW-Madison, a variety of other locations, or on-site at your location.

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Choose from a variety of courses that cover topics including:

SI and Diesel Engine Performance

  • Torque curves and applications
  • Combustion and thermodynamics
  • Fuels and fuel systems
  • Intake and exhaust flows
  • Turbochargers and superchargers
  • Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
  • Control hardware/software
  • System communication and OBDs

Internal Combustion Engine Design

  • Slider-cranks, vibration, and balance
  • Cylinder heads and valvetrains
  • Materials, cooling, and sealing joints
  • Piston, rings, and power cylinders
  • Bearings, friction, and lubrication
  • Reliability and wear

A Partnership for Success

Grow your organization’s talent with EPD’s custom-made courses.

From fundamental scientific processes to the design and operation of internal combustion engines, we can customize our offerings to what’s most relevant to you and your employees.

Whether you need to broaden your knowledge and skills in engine power, efficiency, or emissions, UW-Madison IC courses can be held where it is most convenient for your employees. EPD can also tailor online training programs for your organization.

Based on the Latest Research for Direct Application

Courses are led and expertly taught by UW faculty and researchers from the ERC, so you can be sure you and your personnel will learn the latest advances in diesel and spark-ignition engine applications.

Our practical, thorough on-site course curriculum will develop a sound understanding of first principles, then emphasize how to design, operate and optimize IC engine performance.

Our Courses Will:

  • Meet your talent development program goals
  • Be taught by faculty and industry experts
  • Receive the support and recognition of one of America’s finest universities
  • Incorporate the latest breakthroughs in energy efficiency, emission compliance, and environmental impact

What Our Participants Are Saying…

“The perfect combination of theory and practice. I learned not only how an engine responds to changing parameters, but why.”

“After this program, I’m getting the impression that courses offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Engine Research Center are taught by individuals comprising a rare ‘dream team.’”


For More Course Information, Contact

Michael Andrie, Program Director

Phone: 608-263-1615


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International Multidimensional Engine Modeling User’s Group

Register now for the International Multidimensional Engine Modeling User’s Group Meeting at the SAE Congress in Detroit April 20, 2020, organized in part by UW-Madison’s Engine Research Center.

Propose a paper by January 31, 2020 to be included in the presentations, which may include applications of CFD codes in real engine geometry, development of innovative submodels for engine processes, and integration of CFD codes with other simulation tools for new engine designs.


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