Professional Study Project

Diploma Program Professional Study Project Guidelines

UWDMC is no longer accepting new candidates in the Diploma program.  Those already registered and active will be able to complete their studies.

After completing your UWDMC coursework and professional electives, you can begin work on the Professional Study Project (PSP).  This is a practical paper based on your work situation, past experience, or research you may have done. The parameters for the project are broad.

The goal of the PSP is to combine what you learn from core courses and professional electives into a practical, field-oriented document that may even be part of your actual work. It is planned to be a 100-hour activity.


Representative sample of past PSP titles:

“Field Manual for a Relief Distribution Network”

“Collective Centres – Temporary Camps, Water & Sanitation Facilities, Health Care and Site Planning in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

“Development of a Regional Health Major Incident Plan”

“Conducting a Community Nutrition Mini-Survey”

“Natural Disasters and Development: Short-Term Relief and the Transition to Rehabilitation with Special Reference to the Orissa Cyclones”


Format and Style

Format and presentation style are entirely up to you. Use whatever is most comfortable to you from your work experience. You are welcome to send to UWDMC a proposed table of contents beforehand for review.

Many candidates have prepared a detailed case study based on a particular disaster or emergency experience. Guidelines for doing a case study are available at the link below:

Case Study Guidelines