Diploma Professional Electives

UWDMC is no longer accepting new candidates in the Diploma program.  Those already registered and active will be able to complete their studies.

When to Begin

After successful completion of your initial core course requirement for 25 CEU, you will begin the Professional Elective phase of the Diploma program.  These additional 25 CEU may be past or future educational activities. As described in the Diploma Requirements section, 10 CEU are on general topics and 15 CEU are on disaster/emergency topics.

Earning CEU

You may earn CEU from programs sponsored by other colleges, universities, professional societies or organizations.  Courses from outside the UWDMC self-study curriculum are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please note that courses taken more than five years before your Diploma registration date cannot be used.  Courses that are part of another degree program also cannot be used.

Submitting Courses for Review

You must provide information on course content, certification, and/or a transcript of course credit using the “Professional Elective Submission Form” that you will receive when you register as a Diploma candidate. The form is also available at the link below.

Professional Elective Submission Form

UWDMC will review your form, award Continuing Education Units, and determine if additional coursework is needed.