Diploma Fees

UWDMC is no longer accepting new candidates in the Diploma program.  Those already registered and active will be able to complete their studies.

1. Registration Fee: $395

All Diploma Candidates must pay a registration fee to cover advising and administrative costs.

2. Core Courses

UWDMC courses provide 2.0 to 3.5 CEU and cost from $200 to $235 per course. To meet the 25 CEU core course requirement, you will need to enroll and pay for roughly 10 courses.

Special ten-course discount package

You can pay for Core Courses on an individual course pay-as-you-go basis, or purchase a 10-course discount package that includes the registration fee for $2390. If you choose the discount package, you may study the courses on your own schedule at a potential savings of more than $500. You choose this option on the Diploma application form.

3. Professional Electives

Many candidates are awarded CEU for completed coursework from other organizations. It is possible to meet the elective requirement of 25 CEU, therefore, without paying additional fees. If you do not have enough CEU from other organizations, you can always complete this requirement by taking additional UWDMC courses. You will need to add the cost of these additional courses into your overall Diploma Program costs.

4. Professional Study Project: $500

The final fee is for the review and awarding of 10 CEU for your Professional Study Project.

Payment Options

You may pay for course and program fees via credit card online, check in US funds, or bank wire transfer. For details on these options, please visit the Diploma Program Fee Payment page.


There are no scholarships available from UWDMC at this time. A list of organizations providing scholarships in the field of disaster management can be found in the Training Scholarship section of this website.


Please email us at with your questions about fees and payment options.