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Engineering Professional Development

SI Performance and Low Temperature Combustion See upcoming dates

Course Overview

Understand the design constraints and trade-offs to achieve improved fuel economy, while meeting lower emissions. Receive an overview of engines, torque curves, PV thermodynamics, spark ignition and knock, low temperature combustion, air handling, fuels, fuel systems, exhaust emissions mechanisms, regulations, and after-treatment. You’ll also learn the latest technologies, materials, and controls for better fuel economy and lower emissions. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers who work for IC engine companies and their suppliers
  • Engineers of companies who purchase or use IC engines for their machines
  • Technicians and managers in automotive, marine, or small engine markets
  • Business associates in marketing, planning, purchasing, project management

Course Outline

Overview of Internal Combustion Engines

Torque Curves

Pressure-Volume Analysis, Work, and Power

Applying Thermodynamics in Compression, Combustion, and Expansion

Premix Combustion and Knock

Fuel and Ignition Systems

Fuel Chemistry and Specification

Air Handling in SI Engines

In-Cylinder Combustion SI and LTC Development           

Exhaust Emission Mechanisms

SI Exhaust After-treatment

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