Sanitary Sewer Engineering and Collection System Management

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Course Overview

A reliable sanitary sewer system is one of the most important public assets for any city. This course will provide you with valuable knowledge that you can apply immediately in your own system and your next project. The course combines engineering principles, technologies, cost estimating, practical guidance, and case studies.

Who Should Attend?

  • Wastewater engineers, operators, and managers 
  • Consulting engineers 
  • Federal agencies and military bases
  • Regulatory staff

Course Outline

Overview of Sanitary Sewer Systems in the United States

  • Sewer metrics and characteristics
  • Planning, designing, upgrading, operating
  • National trends

Codes and Regulations

  • Combined and sanitary sewer overflows (CSO and SSO)
  • CMOM programs – capacity, maintenance, operations, management
  • Blending policies, capacity assurance programs

Design Flows and System Models

  • Selecting flows for upgrades and new projects
  • Peaking factors, probability and recurrence intervals
  • Hydraulic models and when to use them

Hydraulics of Sanitary Sewers

  • Open channel and pressurized pipe flow
  • Forcemains and air release valves
  • Potential problems that can occur

Pumping Stations and Lift Stations

  • Station types, pros and cons
  • Operating strategies and reliability
  • Variable speed, constant speed, and storage

Pipe Materials and Appurtenances

  • Gravity and forcemain piping
  • PVC, FRP, ductile iron, HDPE
  • Manholes, service laterals, connections

Reducing Infiltration/Inflow and Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs)

  • Determining the quantity of I/I in your system
  • Smoke testing, dye testing, televising, and inspection programs
  • NASSCO manhole and pipeline assessments

Sewer Construction Costs

  • Unit prices, materials, and crew costs
  • Materials, depths, sizes, site conditions, crossings
  • Bidding exercise

Pipe Rehabilitation and Repair Technologies

  • Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP)
  • Pilot tube micro-tunneling
  • Trenchless and semi-trenchless technologies
  • Manholes and lateral rehabilitation

Problem-Solving Workshops and Exercises

  • Attendees will participate in a series of problem-solving exercises that will help them to understand the principles learned in the course.


"This was an extremely worthwhile and informative course."

"An excellent course. I will recommend it to my fellow staff members."

"Fantastic course. Well worth the cost."

"Great overview of sanitary sewer systems from conception, design, construction, and maintenance."

"Great instruction. Speakers provided a great pool of knowledge."


Joan Hawley

Joan Hawley, PE, President of Superior Engineering, has 30 years of wastewater experience. She was a chief engineer for the Trinity River Authority of Texas, plant superintendent for the Milwaukee MSD, and general manager of regional operations for Insituform Technologies. She is a licensed wastewater operator and a past chair of the national WEF Collection System Committee.

Dave Perry

David Perry, Ph.D., P.E. is a hydraulic and hydrologic engineering specialist with Brown and Caldwell. He has extensive experience in applying models for sanitary and combined sewer systems across the United States, including analysis of wet weather solutions to reduce infiltration and inflow in public and private systems.

Richard Schluge

Richard Schluge, PE, has more than 30 years of professional experience in engineering, construction management, and sanitary sewerage projects. He is an associate and resident engineer with R. A. Smith National. His work has included a wide range of project sizes, and open-cut, rehab, tunneling, and horizontal directional drilling projects.

Ned Paschke

Ned Paschke, PE, DEE, is a program director and professor of practice at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in analysis and improvement of water and wastewater systems and facilities. Before joining the UW-Madison, he was director of engineering for the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District and a hydraulic engineering consultant for national and international engineering firms.

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