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Engineering Professional Development

Certification Orientation/Review and Examination For Accredited Commissioning Process Provider See upcoming dates

Course Overview

Become an Accredited Commissioning Process Provider with a commissioning certification from UW-Madison.  Gain a marketable, independently-recognized certification to highlight your knowledge of the ASHRAE Commissioning Process.

Why UW?

The UW–Madison Commissioning Process certifications provide the opportunity for individuals with varying levels of professional experience to gain recognition. This feature, in addition to the focus on the full ASHRAE Commissioning Process, creates an opportunity for individuals to distinguish their capabilities and highlight their unique career paths.

Earn the Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP) certification upon successful completion of the coursework and exam.  Additional certifications are available to those with project experience who currently hold the QCxP.  Full information on the University of Wisconsin commissioning certifications is available here.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has completed the required coursework may sign up to take the examination.

Additional Information

You may take the courses and examination in the same week, or in different weeks. To learn more about our commissioning certifications, visit our certifications page.

Enrollment in the examination requires prior completion of specific UW commissioning process courses, per the link above.

Course Outline

Online review & exam agenda

Download the online course agenda here in pdf format.

Classroom (in-person) review & exam agenda

Download the classroom course agenda here in pdf format.



Review Session Part 1

UW Commissioning Process Certifications and Exam Format

  • Review of schedule for exam and helpful hints
  • Overview of UW certifications
  • Exam format and study recommendations
  • Practice exam


Review Session Part 2

CxP Concepts and Terminology Review

  • OPR and Owner’s Process
  • Commissioning process plan
  • Quality and verification

Related Industry Organizations

  • Others involved in buildings or commissioning
  • Q & A
  • Review practice exam questions


Exam Schedule (Classroom in-person exam only)


7:30 a.m.      Sign-in and Continental Breakfast

8:00              Orientation for Exam

8:05              Part 1, Examination

9:20              Break

9:30              Part 2, Examination

10:05            Break

10:10            Part 3, Examination

10:35            Break

10:40            Part 4, Examination

11:00 a.m.     Final Adjournment

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