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Engineering Professional Development

Preventive Maintenance Optimization See upcoming dates

Course Overview

Often, the approaches we take for preventive maintenance optimization (PMO) are too conservative. In this course, receive the tools you need to execute a PMO exercise in your organization that will cut cost and improve reliability. Learn what to complete before you even take the first step—and what to do once you’ve completed your exercise. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance managers
  • Supervisors and leaders
  • Maintenance planners and schedulers
  • Maintenance and facility engineers

Additional Information

This course is part of the Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate. Enhance your maintenance skills while earning a recognized credential. 

Course Outline

  • How to integrate the PMO process into a team-based activity
  • The significance of Reliability Centered Maintenance, JA1011, and PM level loading
  • The prerequisites that must be in place before starting a PMO Kaizen event and the importance of data integrity
  • Criticality Analysis and how it plays an integral part in the activities related to PMO
  • How to develop an action plan that can be tracked to ensure on-time completion
  • How to create a team with the right resources, time and abilities for success––and ensure they understand the goal is efficiency and not position elimination
  • Identify waste from every source and how it contributes to the overall inefficiency of many programs
  • Steps to cleanly and effectively execute your plan so it delivers the correct results the first time
  • Follow-up activities and communications for long-term viability

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