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Engineering Professional Development

Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Technologies See upcoming dates

Course Overview

During this five-week interactive course, you will learn the application of two widely used predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies—ultrasound and thermography (infrared technology); how PdM fits into an overall maintenance and reliability management strategy, and how to implement and sustain PdM within an overall maintenance and reliability strategy.

Weekly live, one-hour, interactive sessions are part of the course, providing course participants with a venue to learn how other students (organizations) are utilizing predictive maintenance.

Who Should Attend?

Perfect course for those who are:

  • Involved in your company’s asset or maintenance management program
  • Part of the change process in maintenance in your organization
  • New to the field
  • A maintenance leader searching for strategies, tools, and techniques to improve effectiveness and team member morale

Additional Information

This course is part of the Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate. Enhance your maintenance skills, while earning a recognized credential. 

Course Outline

Learn how to implement predictive maintenance (PdM) into your company’s maintenance strategy and where to implement and how to sustain ultrasonics and thermography technologies.

Course schedule:

  • Week 1 - How PdM fits into a maintenance strategy
  • Week 2 - Ultrasound technology - application and benefits
  • Week 3 - Thermography (infrared technology) - application and benefits
  • Week 4 - Elements of Job Plans and ultrasound presentations
  • Week 5 - Thermography technology presentations, introduction of additional PdM technologies, course wrap-up

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