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Introduction to Predictive Maintenance Technologies

Is your company wasting time and money on preventive maintenance tasks? Many organizations do not take full advantage of predictive maintenance technologies to monitor the condition of their equipment. Instead, they devote time and money completing unnecessary preventive maintenance tasks. This course will provide you with the rationale for making predictive maintenance a part of your overall maintenance, reliability, and asset management strategy. You will gain an understanding of two key predictive maintenance technologies—ultrasound and thermography (infrared technology).      
Disciplines: Industrial
  • Mar. 18 - Apr. 22, 2020 - Available Online (#U319)

Ammonia Refrigeration System Safety

#RA00370 | Customizable for your workplace
Ammonia is the refrigerant of choice in the industrial refrigeration sector due to its unmatched thermodynamic properties. Belonging to a group of "natural" refrigerants, ammonia is also favored because of its environmental friendliness. Ammonia, however, is not without hazards. This course will teach you how to utilize ammonia refrigeration while ensuring safety and preventing future risks.
Disciplines: Mechanical
  • Apr. 7-9, 2020 - Madison, WI (#T858)

Using Warnings and Instructions to Increase Safety and Reduce Liability

Thoroughly developed warnings and instructions are the most cost-effective way to increase the safety of your product while decreasing your product liability exposure. Learn the current legal duty to warn, the latest ANSI standards that apply to product warnings, factors useful in evaluating effective warnings and instructions, and how to test and revise warnings and instructions.
Disciplines: Industrial
  • Jun. 9-10, 2020 - Madison, WI (#U199)

Area Electrical Classification and Hazardous Area Wiring

#RA01055 | Customizable for your workplace
This course will focus on the procedures involved in classifying hazardous electrical locations and methods to ensure safety of equipment installations. You will learn how to classify and manage appropriate protective techniques for different hazards and combinations of hazards. You will also examine the application of industry standards to hazardous locations to help ensure effective safety procedures and methods. Real-world applications through hands-on exercises will be emphasized regarding classification drawings and protective techniques.
Disciplines: Chemical
  • Jun. 9-11, 2020 - Webster (Houston), TX (#U264)

Predictive Maintenance Technologies and Utilization

#RA01068 | Customizable for your workplace
In this course, you will learn to apply proven predictive maintenance approaches that optimize availability of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and improve product quality. Our expert instructor will help you understand which PdM diagnostic technologies are best for your plant.
Disciplines: Industrial
  • Jun. 15-16, 2020 - Madison, WI (#U164)
  • Nov. 2-3, 2020 - Madison, WI (#U340)

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