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Effectively Managing Your Maintenance Team

  • Oct. 20-21, 2020 - Online (U338)
Working on the personnel side of any department can be challenging. Maintenance managers have to set policy, determine targets and goals, and increase the team’s motivation to reach them. Completing these tasks simultaneously can be a struggle—but in this course, you’ll learn ways to better manage your team to improve productivity.
Discipline: Industrial

Improving Equipment Uptime and Performance with TPM

  • Nov. 16-17, 2020 - Online (U342)
Realizing and sustaining high on-demand utilization of equipment is achievable with a fully functioning total productive maintenance (TPM) system. This class provides an overview of TPM and dives deep into 2 pivotal pillars for a TPM system to yield meaningful results:Planned Maintenance andAutonomous Maintenance
Discipline: Industrial

MRO Inventory Management

  • Nov. 18-19, 2020 - Online (U343)
MRO Inventory Management, formerly titled, "Reducing Maintenance/MRO Inventories," provides strategies, tools, and tactics for establishing and managing repair, maintenance, and operations (sometimes called overhaul) inventories, at levels to optimize investment in space and capital, while minimizing inventory obsolescence and stockouts. Utilization of 5S and predictive technologies in the storeroom will be covered; along with methods for determining critical spare part quantities.
Discipline: Industrial

Reliability-Centered and Other Maintenance Management Best Practices

  • Mar. 23-25, 2021 - Madison, WI (C071)
Is preventative maintenance costing you too much money? Preventive maintenance should contribute to an organization’s bottom line. But, how do you know which approach is best to maintain your assets?Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), a systematic, qualitative decision methodology, can help you identify the most cost-effective preventive maintenance tasks for your plant equipment.
Discipline: Industrial

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