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Leadership Beyond Your Team Managing Up and Across

  • Mar. 16-19, 2021 - Online (U297)
Many management courses, including our own course: Managing Technical Teams, teach you how to deal with direct and indirect reports. To be successful, however, you also need to manage (or strongly influence) the behavior of those who are at your level or higher. But they may not understand your needs or may be indifferent to them. In this course, you will learn how to make yourself heard when you do not have direct authority, and how to change others’ behavior to make them reliable partners in your programs and projects.

Effectively Managing Technical Teams

  • May 10-14, 2021 - Online (U296)
Technical teams present many challenges for engineering managers. Team leaders must often give up some of their technical authority to focus on strategic management, operational planning and human resource management. They also need solid communications skills and know how to represent the team across the organization and at a high level. In this hands-on course, you will learn strategic and operational planning tools to set goals, establish objectives and build defensible budgets from an instructor who has actually “walked the talk” of this course with his own experiences.

Mastering the Transition from Technical Expert to Leader

  • May 17-20, 2021 - Online (C102)
Moving into a management role can be challenging, especially for those who have spent years completing technical work without direct reports or those who are new to the workforce.  In this course, you'll develop the skills and knowledge to succeed as a manager through practical discussions of management and leadership fundamentals and tools that will aid in your transition. Classroom exercises along with a tactical action plan will allow you to immediately make a positive impact.

Coaching and Mentoring for Technical Leaders

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
Learn how to coach, mentor, evaluate, and continuously improve the skills of potential leaders in your organization using the Situational Leadership II® (SLII®) system. The benefits to your organization are many—you will improve internal communication, help others achieve their goals, coach others be confident and self-directed, and demonstrate organizational leadership that values and honors differences.

Critical Conversations

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
The technical work environment is complex. In a world of black-and-white metrics, deadlines and one-liner status reports, engineers find it hard to verbally communicate honest and sometimes controversial feedback on what is really going on. The real story is often shared with people they feel safe to talk to, but who have no authority to do anything about it. This course is designed to help people communicate the “message” without damaging their relationships with those around them.

Financial Acumen for the Engineer

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
As you move up in your organization and take on broader responsibilities for your projects and programs, you will be required to understand finance and to build defensible budgets. This means knowing the elements of finance that you must consider in your own analysis and are expected to present to others. It also means becoming an active contributor to business decisions. Your ability to engage with finance benefits the whole organization.

Strategies to Stand Out Build Executive Presence Through Powerful Presentations

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
Executive presence is one of the qualities that sets leaders apart, but leaders are rarely born with it. Most leaders hone these skills through years of practice and mentorship from experts. Immediately enhance your presentation style and impact by learning how to initiate impactful conversations, create cutting-edge visuals, deliver smooth elevator talks, and give powerful technical presentations to stand out in your organization.
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