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Fundamentals of HVAC

  • Mar. 8-12, 2021 - Online (U524)
  • Sep. 21-23, 2021 - Madison, WI (C050)
Learn about the equipment and components used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, along with the role of HVAC systems to maintain comfort conditions in commercial buildings. Describe basic thermal processes such as air mixing and dehumidification on a psychrometric chart, and apply ASHRAE standards for indoor air quality and energy conservation.
Discipline: Mechanical

Wisconsin Refresher Course Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

  • Mar. 25, 2021 - Madison, WI (T936)
  • Nov. 4, 2021 - Madison, WI (T941)
  • Mar. 24, 2022 - Madison, WI (U347)
  • Oct. 27, 2022 - Madison, WI (U355)
Update your skills as a cross-connection control tester and earn the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services continuing education hours you need to renew your cross-connection tester registration in Wisconsin.
Discipline: Mechanical

Repair of Concrete

  • Apr. 19-23, 2021 - Online (U424)
This course will show you how to evaluate the condition of your concrete and how to protect your existing concrete with the right repair materials and techniques. You’ll come away with specific repair methods for structural concrete, floor slabs, and slabs on grade, along with strategies for reinforcing and post-tensioning.

HVAC Design and Analysis

  • May 17-21, 2021 - Online (C016)
This intermediate-level course is intended for designers looking to expand their HVAC knowledge by performing engineering calculations and system layouts, and others responsible for selecting and specifying HVAC equipment. Topics include duct and pipe sizing, fans laws and pump curves, heating and cooling loads, CFD modeling, and BIM tools and processes.
Discipline: Mechanical

Facilities Project Budgets and Construction Cost Estimates

  • Jun. 8-10, 2021 - Madison, WI (U442)
Project managers often need to prepare and defend budgets for their capital improvement projects, evaluate construction cost estimates and bids, and change order requests. In this course, you will learn the essential cost elements that comprise a construction and renovation project, and how to anticipate and maintain cost controls during the planning, design, and construction of a project.
Discipline: Mechanical

Understanding Plumbing Systems in Commercial Buildings

  • Jun. 15-17, 2021 - Madison, WI (U440)
Improve your understanding of the design, installation, and operation of plumbing systems, including municipal and domestic water supply, waste and vent, storm water, specialty gases, and equipment. Learn how to comply with the codes related to pipe sizing and layout, and coordinate your plumbing design and installation with the work of other consultants and contractors.
Discipline: Mechanical

ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course and Exam

  • Jun. 21-25, 2021 - Madison, WI (T935)
  • Nov. 1-5, 2021 - Madison, WI (T939)
  • Mar. 21-25, 2022 - Madison, WI (U346)
  • Oct. 24-28, 2022 - Madison, WI (U354)
Earn the ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester certification by completing the ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course and Exam. The ASSE Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester certification meets Minnesota and Michigan backflow prevention tester certification requirements. You must have five years of experience in plumbing or a related industry to take the exam.
Discipline: Mechanical

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

  • Jun. 21-25, 2021 - Madison, WI (T934)
  • Nov. 1-5, 2021 - Madison, WI (T938)
  • Mar. 21-25, 2022 - Madison, WI (U345)
  • Oct. 24-28, 2022 - Madison, WI (U353)
This course provides practical training through hands-on sessions that will teach you how to test backflow prevention assemblies and identify and resolve problems with backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow theory; selection of backflow prevention methods, devices and assemblies for specific applications; and state and local agency rules and regulations will also be discussed. Participation in this course and successful completion of the hands-on and written examinations fulfill the training requirements for registration as a Cross-Connection Control Tester in Wisconsin and for certification in several other states.

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