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Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

  • Oct. 6-8, 2021 - Madison, WI (U452)
  • Mar. 2-4, 2022 - Madison, WI (C326)
Anhydrous ammonia is a "natural refrigerant" that does not harm the ozone layer, has no global warming potential, and is popular because of its environmental friendliness and unmatched thermodynamic properties. This course will help you understand the benefits of ammonia through an exploration and comparison of other refrigerants, thermodynamics, refrigeration cycles, and related equipment.
Discipline: Mechanical

Principles and Practices of Mechanical Integrity for Industrial Refrigeration Systems

  • Nov. 2-4, 2021 - Madison, WI (U450)
Learn the latest recommended practices to manage the mechanical integrity of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. The course will emphasize refrigerant piping and pressure vessels but mechanical integrity practices for other components will be presented as well. You will be able to immediately apply what you learn in this course to ensure the ongoing reliability and safety of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.
Discipline: Mechanical

Intermediate Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

  • Dec. 1-3, 2021 - Madison, WI (U451)
If you already know the basics of ammonia refrigeration systems, here is your opportunity to learn more! By examining real-world examples, this course will enhance your understanding of the principles and operation of ammonia refrigeration systems with a more in-depth coverage of the technology compared to the Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Systems course.
Discipline: Mechanical

Engineering Calculations for PSM and RMP

  • Mar. 23-25, 2022 - Madison, WI (C327)
Engineering calculations are an integral part of OSHA's process safety management (PSM) standard and the EPA's risk management plan (RMP) rule. Calculations are needed to establish whether a given process is subject to these two regulations and factor into the regulatory framework in supporting the design, operation, and risk assessment of ammonia refrigeration systems. This course is your opportunity to learn the engineering calculations that are necessary for properly documenting industrial refrigeration systems, to help ensure their regulatory compliance.
Discipline: Industrial

Ammonia Refrigeration System Safety

  • Apr. 6-8, 2022 - Madison, WI (C328)
Ammonia is the refrigerant of choice in the industrial refrigeration sector due to its unmatched thermodynamic properties. Belonging to a group of "natural" refrigerants, ammonia is also favored because of its environmental friendliness. Ammonia, however, is not without hazards. This course will teach you how to utilize ammonia refrigeration while ensuring safety and preventing future risks.
Discipline: Mechanical
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