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The Commissioning Process for Delivering Quality Constructed Projects

  • Sep. 8-23, 2020 - Online (U216)
Learn why the Commissioning Process (CxP) provides consistent, cost-effective, and successful delivery of new buildings and constructed projects, and enhances the performance of existing buildings. Gain tools and techniques to incorporate this quality process from pre-design through the life of the facility. Highly valuable for all project team members, this course covers CxP goals, process steps, cost and benefits, case studies, and more.
Discipline: Mechanical

Leading the Commissioning Process Step-by-Step Strategies for New Construction Projects

  • Oct. 19-23, 2020 - Madison, WI (U219)
Experience the day-to-day activities of the Commissioning Process (CxP), from pre-design through the first year of operation.  Developed by the Building Commissioning Association (BCA), this course features in-depth discussion and workshop activities to help you implement each task. Prior understanding of the CxP, as defined by ASHRAE Guideline 0, is highly recommended.
Discipline: Mechanical

Certification Orientation/Review and Examination For Accredited Commissioning Process Provider

  • Sep. 14 - Oct. 4, 2020 - Online (U218)
Earn a Commissioning Process Provider certification from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The QCxP certification provides recognition for individuals with knowledge of the ASHRAE Guideline 0 Commissioning Process. To qualify, complete five days of required courses and pass an examination.
Discipline: Mechanical

The Commissioning Process for LEED Projects

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
This course will help you implement commissioning for your LEED project, understand which elements of the commissioning process are required for LEED, and budget for commissioning a LEED project.This course is one of the specialized-topic offerings designed to complement our three-day course, The Commissioning Process for Delivering Quality Constructed Projects. Completion of The Commissioning Process for LEED Projects, in combination with The Commissioning Process for Delivering Quality Constructed Projects, fulfills the education/training requirements of the Commissioning Provider certifications.
Discipline: Mechanical

The Commissioning Process for Existing Buildings

  • Not scheduled at this time. Click the course title for program description and contact information.
You will learn an effective approach to access the potential benefits of commissioning existing buildings, and develop a plan to identify opportunities and execute activities in all phases for existing buildings and retro-commissioning programs. Also, you will learn how to implement a campus-, city-, or corporate-wide commissioning process program. The cost and benefits of the process and the role in performance contracts—for energy and retro-commissioning programs—will be discussed.
Discipline: Mechanical

Building Enclosure Commissioning Certification Examination

  • Nov. 12 - Dec. 12, 2020 - Online (U185)
These unique certifications offer applicants recognition for their skills through training and examination. To become certified, you must pass an online examination and complete the three-day training course titled Commissioning Building Enclosure Assemblies and Systems.One or both of the following certificates are awarded based on examination scoring:CxA+BE – Certified Commissioning Authority + Building Enclosure BECxP – Certified Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider
Discipline: Mechanical

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