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Critical Conversations - Mastering Verbal Communication

  • Jul. 19-22, 2021 - Online (C197)
The technical work environment is complex. In a world of black-and-white metrics, deadlines and one-liner status reports, engineers find it hard to verbally communicate honest and sometimes controversial feedback on what is really going on. The real story is often shared with people they feel safe to talk to, but who have no authority to do anything about it. This course is designed to help people communicate the “message” without damaging their relationships with those around them.

Understanding Medium-Voltage Switchgear

  • Aug. 23-26, 2021 - Online (C317)
Proper switchgear design and operation is fundamental to safe and reliable medium-voltage (MV) electrical distribution systems. This class is designed to give medium-voltage engineers, designers, specifiers, owners, and operators the tools they need to better understand these valuable system assets. Through a combination of lectures and practical exercises, you'll increase your awareness of switchgear types, applications, layouts, ratings, and protection and control systems.
Discipline: Electrical

Electrical Distribution Principles and Applications

  • Aug. 23-27, 2021 - Online (C226)
  • Mar. 1-3, 2022 - Lake Buena Vista, FL (C320)
Expand your understanding of the fundamentals of AC electricity as applied to utility electric power distribution systems and recognize the fundamental principles involved in the operation of a three-phase electrical distribution system. Learn how to understand and perform electric circuit calculations, understand and apply distribution planning principles and engineering economics, and be able to select the proper conductors, cables, and transformers to use in a distribution system.
Discipline: Electrical

Leadership Beyond Your Team Managing Up and Across

  • Sep. 7-10, 2021 - Online (U301)
Many management courses, including our own course: Managing Technical Teams, teach you how to deal with direct and indirect reports. To be successful, however, you also need to manage (or strongly influence) the behavior of those who are at your level or higher. But they may not understand your needs or may be indifferent to them. In this course, you will learn how to make yourself heard when you do not have direct authority, and how to change others’ behavior to make them reliable partners in your programs and projects.

Electrical Systems Design for the Non-Electrical Engineer

  • Sep. 14-24, 2021 - Online (U314)
Take this course to learn fundamental electrical concepts and electrical power distribution design for industrial and commercial systems—600 volts and below. Expert instructors will start with basic science concepts and extend them to explain single-phase and three-phase alternating current systems. You will gain a sound understanding of electrical circuits, electrical construction materials, grounding, power quality, arc flash, and applicable national safety and energy codes and standards. This course is intended for those responsible for the design, operation and maintenance of electric power and lighting systems in commercial and institutional buildings and manufacturing plants, and it assumes you have no formal training in electrical engineering.
Discipline: Electrical

Underground Electrical Distribution Systems

  • Sep. 27 - Oct. 1, 2021 - Online (C315)
We'll introduce you to underground components, walk you through the principles of planning, policy, design, construction, cost, and cable testing. You'll work through class exercises in policy, design, system layout, and fuse/protective device coordination. We'll also review operations considerations and NESC safety requirements.
Discipline: Electrical

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