Building an Innovation Mindset: Skills, Action and Renewal

Innovation skills are an important skillset to cultivate as a professional in an organization or as an entrepreneur. How have you learned innovation and are leading it? How can you keep learning and developing your innovation skills…and help others to do so in a disruptive world of change? How can you stay on the cutting edge and in innovative action? How can you lead with others to innovate and respond to change?

This workshop focuses on the individual…you as innovator and leader. We want to grow to new levels. To reorganize yourself at a new and higher level requires innovation…doing something new that you’ve never done before in a way you’ve never done it. Since it’s new and different for you, you have to learn how to do it and develop your skill at it…including leading innovation in yourself and others.  This ability to innovate begins with a change in mindset…to have the self-efficacy and confidence that you can try new and different things in your work and life, and that you can learn how to do them even if you don’t know now.

Practice Area: Technical Leadership

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