Additional Commissioning Certifications

UW-Madison offers individuals the opportunity to gain a marketable, independently recognized educational certification as a professional knowledgeable in the commissioning process. These unique certifications offer applicants recognition for their skills, through a combination of training, examination, and proof of professional experience. The certifications include:


QCxP – Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (also QCP)

Each applicant will receive the entry-level accreditation of QCxP upon successful completion of the training and exam. There is no application form for QCxP. Once the applicant has received the QCxP, he or she may apply for any of these four primary certifications at any time:


CxAP – Accredited Commissioning Process Authority Professional (also CAP)

Acknowledges applicants who have served as the primary commissioning authority during all project stages (pre-design through occupancy) on a minimum number and size of projects.


CxM – Accredited Commissioning Process Manager

Distinguishes applicants who have managed commissioning process activities within their organizations, such as university, utility, or government programs.


CxTS – Accredited Commissioning Process Technical Service Provider (also CTS)

Highlights the skill and experience of applicants who have provided commissioning services primarily in select project stages, on small or limited scope projects, or who provide key technical support to commissioning activities.


GCxP – Accredited Green Commissioning Process Provider (also GCP)

Recognizes individuals who lead the commissioning process activities as commissioning authorities (the CxP team leader) on new or existing building projects that emphasize green and sustainable building principles.


All certifications require that the applicant:

  • Complete five days of UW commissioning process courses. These courses may be taken at different offerings, but must be completed prior to taking the exam.
  • Complete certification orientation sessions (Tuesday and Friday afternoon) and successfully complete the examination. All fees for courses and orientation/examination must be paid in full or with an authorized purchase request prior to taking the exam.

No application forms will be accepted until the applicant has successfully completed the exam. Certifications are renewable every five years. For application information, click here.