Certificate in Water Reclamation

Tackle Water Issues

Aging infrastructure. Increasing costs. Changing technologies. These issues and opportunities are challenging the water reclamation industry—a vital, $100 billion/year industry that includes wastewater treatment processes, sewer systems, and the recovery of valuable resources – such as clean water, biosolids, nutrients, and energy.

Imagine tackling these issues while helping your organization take advantage of the latest developments and opportunities. The UW-Madison Certificate in Water Reclamation is designed to help you and your organization succeed.


Learn how to evaluate the latest technologies and processes and improve individual systems and facilities with a recognized credential in water reclamation from UW-Madison. You’ll gain knowledge to help your projects, programs, facilities, and people, while anticipating and managing future challenges and opportunities. You’ll also interact with colleagues from other companies, gaining insights from engineers, owners, consultants, operators, regulators, equipment manufacturers, and managers.


Complete five courses in any order, including three core courses and two electives. The Certificate in Water Reclamation is built on UW-Madison’s nationally known series of continuing education courses in water and wastewater engineering and management, which have helped thousands of professionals from all 50 states.

Courses range from two to three days each. After each course, successfully complete an online summary exam to refresh the course learning objectives.  If you’ve taken any of these UW-Madison courses in the past (January 2014 or later), these will count retroactively towards completion of your certificate.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Young, mid-career, or senior professionals with exposure to the water reclamation industry (by education and/or experience) who want a broader perspective and deeper understanding of this field
  • Technical or management professionals working with utilities, sewerage districts, consulting firms, cities, federal or state agencies, military bases, equipment manufacturers, and contract operating firms

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photo of Ned Paschke Ned Paschke , PE, DEE, BCEE, F.ASCE
Program Director

Complete five total courses (three core courses plus two elective courses), in any order, and complete an online summary exam after each course. Enrollment fees for individual courses range from $1,245 to $1,495 each.

Complete Three of Four Required Courses

Wastewater Treatment Processes and Technologies

Sanitary Sewer Engineering and Collection System Management

Water Reclamation: Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Nutrient Removal Engineering: Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Wastewater Treatment

Choose Two Electives

Instrumentation and Control for Water and Wastewater Processes

Wastewater Pumping Systems and Lift Stations

Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Application

Asset Management Practices for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Essentials of Hydraulics for Civil and Environmental Professionals

The Role of Microorganisms in Wastewater Treatment

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Meet the engineer who earned UW-Madison's first Water Reclamation Certificate.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What is Water Reclamation?

Learn what challenges and opportunities water reclamation poses in the 21st century.

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