Public Works Supervisory Academy

Supervisor Training

Are you a public works employee or municipal engineer who recently transitioned into a supervisory role? Or, are you a public works supervisor who wants to increase your knowledge and sharpen your supervisory skills? Become a more effective public works professional by attending the UW-Madison Public Works Supervisory Academy.

The Public Works Supervisory Academy (PWSA) certificate program, designed for first and second-line public works supervisors and municipal engineers and technicians with limited formal supervisory training, offers:

  • Practical information, tips, and tools from experienced instructors
  • Ways to identify emerging problems through early warning signs
  • Useful communication and problem solving techniques
  • Networking opportunities with other public works supervisors and managers

Continue Learning With the PWMI Certificate

Upon completing the Public Works Supervisory Academy certificate requirements, you have the opportunity to extend your professional education with the Public Works Management Institute (PWMI) certificate program.

If you wish to continue expanding your management skills, we encourage you to enroll in the five courses of the PWMI certificate program.

Courses from the Supervisory Academy program count toward the PWMI certificate. While you don’t need not complete the PWSA certificate program to enroll in PWMI courses, you must complete the PWSA certificate to receive the PWMI certificate.

Who Should Enroll?

Tailored to focus on local public works organizations and operations, the academy is a good fit for:

  • Supervisors and engineers new to supervision and management
  • Supervisors who wish to strengthen their skills and build their confidence
  • Public works employees preparing for career advancement.

No academic experience is required to enroll.

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photo of Steve Pudloski Steve Pudloski, PhD, PE
Emeritus Faculty Associate

Complete nine 1-day courses (54 hours total) in any order to receive the certificate. You can complete individual courses at any time without enrolling in the Academy or the Institute.