Process Safety Management Professional Certificate

Earn a Unique Certificate – Become a Process Safety Management Professional (PSMP)

Offered jointly by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Engineering Professional Development and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC), the Process Safety Management Professional (PSMP) Certificate will help you acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully implement and continuously improve your Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP) programs. This unique certificate program is designed specifically for PSM Coordinators working in ammonia refrigerated facilities.

Successful PSM Coordinators must have a solid understanding of ammonia refrigeration technology and safety principles along with the related regulatory compliance requirements. They also need an understanding of document management systems, the fundamentals of technical leadership, and management skills. This certificate program is designed to equip PSM Coordinators with the knowledge they need to be successful in carrying out their important roles and responsibilities in ammonia refrigerated facilities.


This certificate will help you:

  • Be more effective as you manage your PSM compliance programs
  • Improve the safety, health, and environmental performance while reducing regulatory risks in ammonia refrigerated facilities
  • Recognize the special constraints, regulations, design principles, best practices, technologies and business practices applicable in the field of industrial refrigeration.
  • Manage and lead technical teams involved with ammonia refrigeration and PSM without having direct authority

Who Should Enroll?

If you want to increase your knowledge and effectiveness in managing the PSM and RMP programs for facilities that have ammonia refrigeration-covered processes, this certificate program is for you. Whether new or experienced in your role as a PSM Coordinator, the PSMP will help you do your job more effectively. Differentiate yourself and earn a valued credential while gaining both personal and professional enrichment. Enroll today!

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John Davis, PE
Faculty Assoc / Program Director