Building Enclosure Commissioning Certificates

Choose One or Both Certificates

Become an expert in design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of building enclosures. Earn one or two certificates through the completion of the course Commissioning Building Enclosure Assemblies and Systems and successful performance on an exam. The exam is divided into two parts: Commissioning Process Principles (Part 1) and Building science, architectural details and interfaces, building enclosure testing and the building enclosure commissioning process (Part 2). With these credentials, you will be recognized for your building enclosure expertise and commissioning skills and open yourself up to increased job opportunities.

Choose from:

  • Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider (BECxP)
    • To earn the BECxP, you must score a minimum of 60 on Part 1 and 80 on Part 2.
  • Accredited Commissioning Authority + Building Enclosure (CxA+BE)
    • To earn the CxA+BE, you must achieve a minimum of 80 on Part 1 and 60 on Part 2.

Earn Both Certifications

If you score 80 or higher on both parts of the exam, you will be awarded the BECxP and the CxA+BE.

The certifications are valid for five years.

Who Should Pursue a Certificate?

  • Commissioning authorities or providers
  • Building enclosure commissioning providers
  • Commissioning process managers
  • Building owners and operating staff
  • Construction managers and contractors
  • Architects, designers and engineers
  • Developers

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John Davis, PE
Faculty Assoc / Program Director

Complete the course Commissioning Building Enclosure Assemblies & Systems and successfully pass the 2 part online exam.

Timeframe: 3 days

Cost: $2,270 per person ($1495 for the course + $775 for the exam)

Required Courses

Commissioning Building Enclosure Assemblies and Systems

Building Enclosure Commissioning Certification Examination

Want to Renew Your Commissioning Certificate?

Recertification provides a process to ensure that individuals with UW–Madison Commissioning certifications are remaining actively engaged and knowledgeable about the current application of the Commissioning Process. Once renewed, certifications are valid for five years.

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