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The Road Ahead: MAP-21

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) sets clear performance management goals for… Read More

What's So Special About Water Reclamation?

Water reclamation is vital to public health and recovering essential environmental resources, impacting the lives… Read More

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Making an Impact: Meet Shalini Bhat

Before coming to UW-Madison as the newest program director, Shalini Bhat worked in the power… Read More

Persevering In The Face Of Challenges: Meet John Dolan

Grad school is hard, everyone knows it. Want to make it harder? Try an online… Read More

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VIDEO: How To Be More Productive On The Job

Productivity is key to staying on track, whether you're on the job or trying to… Read More

How To Transition Asset Management Programs From Reactive To Proactive

by Frank Rath, program director, Maintenance Management Certificate I often get asked, “How can we change… Read More

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Evaluating Acoustics And Vibration In Buildings

From the top of the University of Wisconsin-Extension building, the Department of Engineering Professional Development… Read More

More Crashes, Fewer Injuries: Are Roundabouts Worth It?

After the release of Madison’s 2016 Crash Report drivers are questioning the safety and functionality… Read More