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Paschke: Asset Management Needed to Strengthen U.S. Wastewater Infrastructure

Nearly 240 million Americans—three-quarters of the total population--rely on the nation’s 14,748 wastewater treatment plants… Read More

BLS: Transportation Incidents Majority of Wisconsin Workplace Deaths

Transportation incidents accounted for the highest number of work-related fatalities Wisconsin reported in 2015, according… Read More

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UW-Madison EPD Course Helps Nercon Make Effective Changes

MADISON, Wis. - UW Communications featured EPD Program Director Jeff Oelke yesterday after his certificate… Read More

Bleser: You can’t simply use Google to get rail industry knowledge

Walt Bleser, PE, who teaches in many of UW-Madison’s rail courses, was profiled in the… Read More

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5 Best Engineering Jobs This Year

If you're leaning toward a career in engineering, 2017 might be the year for you.… Read More

Maintenance Tips: PM Improvement Process Flowchart

As with any journey, transitioning from a reactive maintenance program to a proactive and efficient… Read More

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UW-Madison EPD Releases New Water Reclamation Certificate

The UW-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development announced a new Water Reclamation Certificate this month… Read More

UW-Madison Offers Online Maintenance Management Training

UW-Madison Engineering Professional Development will offer a new online course beginning April 18 in maintenance… Read More