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How Common are Injuries on the Job?

How often do people get injured on the job? That all depends on the type… Read More

Wind Energy Top Source of Clean Power, says AWEA

Wind power has taken the lead over hydropower drams to become the No. 1 source… Read More

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Bleser: You can’t simply use Google to get rail industry knowledge

Walt Bleser, PE, who teaches in many of UW-Madison’s rail courses, was profiled in the… Read More

Rath Noted For Radiotherapy Work

Frank Rath, program director, is working to keep radiation patients safe when they come in… Read More

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How Working Late to Impress the Boss Can Hurt You and Your Company

Sleep-deprived workers have low performance rates, cost companies thousands in productivity and risk their safety… Read More

5 Tips To Make Your Master’s Application a Snap

Click on the image above to view some tips on how to create an essay… Read More

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What's Behind UW-Madison's Top 10 Ranking

Click here to read the text behind the image. UW-Madison has been consistently ranked in… Read More

New Guidebook: Mechanical Integrity in Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Douglas Reindl, EPD program director, has released a new guidebook about mechanical integrity in ammonia… Read More