Practical, Problem-Solving Education For All Technical Professionals

Whether you’re a new professional or have years of experience in your chosen field, the UW-Madison’s Engineering Professional Development can offer you unique, high-quality educational experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

UW-Madison can offer you:

  • Innovative, online graduate degrees in engineering consistently ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report
  • Certificate programs focused on hard science and communication skills
  • Hundreds of continuing education courses for engineers, scientists, architects, managers, and other professionals 
  • Onsite, custom training tailored to the educational needs of your organization 
  • Access to world-class faculty 
  • A reputable program that is known worldwide
Programs are structured to help working professionals continue their educational path without interrupting their full-time jobs. You will be empowered, engaged, and more passionate about your career after completing courses or a degree program from UW-Madison. And you’ll have the confidence and skills to take your projects or your responsibilities to the next level. UW-Madison’s instructors are leading experts from industry, research, private practice, government, and education. With a mission drawn from the Wisconsin Idea, UW-Madison works to provide continuing education that will improve the practice of engineering and related professions for the benefit of society as a whole. More than 10,000 students representing 5,000 businesses from around the country have enrolled in an EPD program or course. Courses comprise lectures, hands-on sessions, problem-solving experiences, and group discussions, so students are given everything they need to be more successful in their careers.
Read why UW-Madison consistently ranks in the top 10 by U.S. News and World Report.