Practical, Problem-Solving Education For All Technical Professionals

Whether you’re a new professional or have years of experience in your chosen field, UW-Madison’s Engineering Professional Development can offer you unique, high-quality educational experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Mission

To provide engineering and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills to benefit their careers, industry, and society.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, respected, and recognized provider of quality and value in lifelong education for engineers and technical professionals.

Our Values

For Industry:

  • We are a trusted resource that provides objective and highly-valued education for engineers and technical professionals.
  • We remain committed to delivering quality technical information with experiential learning that leads attendees to be loyal partners as lifelong learners.

For Ourselves:

  • We seek to recruit and retain the best talent and provide an environment that inspires their passion and commitment to education.
  • With trust and respect for each other, we apply an “exceed expectations” attitude in everything we do—working tirelessly to collaboratively achieve our mission and carry out our vision.

Our Programs

We improve the practice of engineering by providing world-class, objective continuing education and credit instruction for technical professionals.  We increase students’ communication skills, enhance the public’s understanding of science and technology, and emulate the Wisconsin Idea.

UW-Madison can offer you:

  • Innovative, online graduate degrees in engineering that consistently rank in the top 10 by US News and World Report 
  • Certificate programs focused on hard science and communication skills
  • Hundreds of continuing education courses for engineers, scientists, architects, managers, and other professionals
  • Onsite, custom training tailored to the educational needs of your organization
  • Access to world-class faculty
  • A reputable program that is known worldwide

Programs are structured to help working professionals continue their educational path without interrupting their full-time jobs. You will be empowered, engaged, and more passionate about your career after completing courses or a degree program from UW-Madison. And you’ll have the confidence and skills to take your projects or your responsibilities to the next level. UW-Madison’s instructors are leading experts from industry, research, private practice, government, and education.

More than 10,000 students representing 5,000 businesses from around the country have enrolled in an EPD program or course. Courses comprise lectures, hands-on sessions, problem-solving experiences, and group discussions, so students are given everything they need to be more successful in their careers.

Check our News to read why UW-Madison consistently ranks in the top 10 by U.S. News and World Report.